Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS)


Master's degree program in management information system focus on technology, management, team-building and communication skills. People with this degree emerge prepared to direct information technology departments in organizations and coordinate with other upper-level management personnel. The Master in Information System Management (MISM) degree prepares the next generation of technology managers to lead enterprises in innovative ways. Masters in Management and System program enables students to understand how business strategy and information technology intersect and to analyze the organization as one dynamic system.

Career Options

Masters in Management information system Masters directors oversee all technical aspects of an organization, including network security, software development, and Internet and intranet operations. They often manage and direct the activities of other information technology personnel. Their responsibility is to ensure the continuity and security of all technological functions of the organization. They are also in charge of implementing new technology and maintaining standards of performance. The student having masters degree in Management Information System Masters can adopt these fields as a career like:
HR Management & Information System Masters
Business Unit Performance, Management Information Analyst
Credit Analyst, Management Information & Risk System
Financial Services - Information Management Consultant
FS Consultant Information Management and Data Analysis
Information Management and Analysis Manager

Major Subjects

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Admission Requirements
Requirements for Masters in Management Information System:
Candidate should have 14 years of education.
A background in a social science will be a plus point but not essential feature.
Candidates who are more than 26 years old shall not be entitled for admissions unless relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor for special reasons on the recommendations of the Chairman.
Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
Admission will be made on merit, subject to the regional quota.
(These rules are applied for government universities of Pakistan)