Masters in Technology (M-Tech)


Master of Technology (M-Tech) program that offers students the opportunity to study new and emerging areas of advanced information technology (IT). They may also study issues relating to the design, development and management of systems incorporating IT. The aim of the M-Tech programme is to train the students in high level theoretical knowledge which enables them to tackle practical complex problems of design and development in the industrial field as well as pursue further academic achievement through research. Enough flexibility is provided in the structure of the programme in respect of lecture courses and project work to help the students to achieve the above mentioned aim.

Career Options

The demand for skilled information technology (IT) workers is expected to increase over the next decade. Despite the dot-com bust, technology continues to touch nearly every facet of modern business. Student may work at a large software company, a hospital or insurance company, college or university, or city, state, and federal government offices. From large corporations to small business, IT workers find employment in a variety of industries.

Major Subjects

Semiconductor Devices and Modeling
Technology and Process Modeling
Modern Digital Communication Technology
Digital Voice and Picture Communication
Digital Circuits & Systems
Optimal Control
Satellite Communication System
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Image Processing
Optical Communication Systems
Telecommunication Switching and Network Communication System
Radar System
Wireless Communication
Admission Requirements
Requirements forMaster of Technology (M-Tech): Candidate should have 14 years of education.
Candidates should have graduate degree from recognized college or university. A background in a social science will be a plus point but not essential feature.
Candidates who are more than 26 years old shall not be entitled for admissions unless relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor for special reasons on the recommendations of the Chairman.
Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
Admission will be made on merit, subject to the regional quota.
(These rules are applied for government universities of Pakistan)