Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)


Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) is aimed at imparting the basic knowledge of accounting, Finance, Information Technology and Business in general. After completion the student will make his way through graduate programs of B.Com and BBA.This programme provides a broad-based business education and develops communication skills, information technology skills, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills. In keeping with current trends, students will also be given a global perspective of business. It also equips the students and managers with skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of the corporate world. The greatest advantage of this course is that even undergraduate students can admit to it.

Career Options

Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), there is wide range of career opportunities for students. This profession is so broad that it has a variety of career options. Student can precede their career at the entry level or junior executive level in private as well as government sector.

Major Subjects

Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting
Financial Management
Business Communications
Computer Applications
Information Technology
Information Technology
Electronic Commerce
Introduction to Law
Business Law
Introduction to Business Management
Human Resource Management
Fundamentals of Marketing
Marketing Research
Marketing Communications
Management Information Systems
Marketing Management
Managerial Finance
Operations Management
Admission Requirements
Candidate should have 10 years of education