Bachelors in Social Sciences


Bachelors in Social Sciences program prepares students to become professionals with a variety of fields that center on the socials aspects of human behavior, promoting community involvement and leadership. This programme teaches the students how to develop strategies to help find solutions to a range of social issues at the local, national and international level.
Graduates are equipped with key skills valuable to employers such as problem solving, effective written and oral communication, information processing, creative and critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness, social research skills and computer literacy. The degree is a unique and innovative program that gives students expertise in social science research design and implementation. Students gain knowledge and skills for employment in areas such as public policy design and evaluation; social impact assessment; social planning and the analysis of socio-economic issues in a wide range of contexts.

Career Options

A degree in social sciences can be applied to various professions within the public and private sectors, including careers in government, law, health services, law enforcement, human resources, community service, administration, business management, education and social work. Most students looking to embark on a career in one of these fields can highly benefit from internships and field experience. This degree is very relevant and marketable for future employment in public, private and non-government organizations. There are opportunities as a career includes local museums, historical societies, government agencies and other public and private organizations.

Major Subjects

Introduction to Philosophy
Computer Applications
Sociological Theory
Research Methods
Gender Studies
Political Science
Principles of Management
Social Statistics
Mass Communications
Data Base Management
Sociological Theory
Micro Economics
Human and Org. Behavior
Web Survey SPSS
Macro Economics
Fundamentals of Accounting
Introduction to Law
Urban Sociology
Sociology of Social Work
Social Psychology
International Relations
Sociology of Health and Illness
Sociology of Religions
Admission Requirements
Requirements for Bachelors in Social Sciences:
Candidate should have 12 years of education.
Candidates should have intermediate degree from recognized college or university.
Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
Admission will be made on merit, subject to the regional quota.
(These rules are applied for government universities of Pakistan)